Change in Higher Education.


The graduate life should to be understood by all the people who are serving the university as teachers, mentors and counselors. It has happened a number of times that a graduate student regardless of how low getting paid for his or her valuable contribution, faced harassments, academic bulling and biased stereotypes. I would like to change the mentors and advisors perception in judging their graduate students. I would like to ask them to understand the fact that a graduate completely knows why he or she is there and there is no reason to plan or even worse check the students to make sure they are doing their job and understanding the responsibility.

The hierarchical type of behavior should be replaced with mutual understanding, appreciation and gratifications if the progress is the purpose. Students in their graduate life have a number issues which their advisors should feel responsibility to help and guide. I would say in nine out of ten cases, an advisor would not know anything about their graduate students issues outside of the university and I believe the processes of education is just partially related to university works. As a mentor, teachers should feel the responsibility to hear, give constructive advice and be aware of the fact that they could make mistakes and misguide the students as well.

The knowledge how to behave, or be truly inclusive and understanding about diversity would not just come without any specific educations for teachers in the university. I would like to have mandatory seminars, workshops or even courses for who wants to teach on these topics just like us students taking courses related to pedagogical and communication skills. There is a significant amount of shortcomings in our mentor-student communications, which shows the need of our teachers to be trained and educated as well.

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