No one left behind!

There are many points in Ken Robinson talk. I believe that if we are facing some problems with students in today’s world, we have to take step back and look at the issues much deeper first, our responsibilities, our educational system and our “standard/normal” definitions if we truly want to solve the problem.

Two children in the same family are way different let alone the students in the classrooms! so how can we expect from all of them to follow the same path? Current educational system literally forces students to do whatever some people already thought children have to do. Hence, a lot of people ending up being neither happy nor motivated for whatever they are doing. They might find some excuses at the end of the day to compensate for whatever they do but they are not happy.

A true, well-developed and efficient educational system is a system that allows everyone to be flourished one way or another, and ignites the fire of creativity. It would act as mentor not as a punisher. There are number of students that are being judged based on some lame scale that the “punishing” educational system has already set.  How many students we know that they didn’t follow the mandatory educational systems, but shined in their life. So what is the conclusion!?  I am pretty sure all of us know a handful of friends that they did not follow this current educational system and ended up as high quality artists, sport players or musicians. So I would say the educational system is in need of tremendous change. It is important for the leaders of the educational programs to consider students as assets, not financial resources. No wonder that those countries that help the students, and not forcing them, has the highest advancement in various fields of technology, sport, art, etc.

I believe the students are the dormant seeds, waiting for any opportunity to rise as it is well mentioned by Ken Robinson, and one day at the time, I hope, the educational system will be the real rain!

11 thoughts on “No one left behind!

  1. Yes, I agree. I feel that until hearing different perspectives in class and being exposed to the weekly videos and readings, I wasn’t aware of the immense issues.

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  2. Ali, I think you bring up a good point about motivation and I think that till the educational system operates on the punitive, it will have difficulty reaching the kind of motivation that you and I may think important fro students’ learning. Would love to know how you think this can change?

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    1. Thanks for your comment. Exactly I do believe that the educational system do not work on Punitive action. However, still in many countries around the world the punishment is the first method of education. Psychological studies also confirm punishment would not help at all. I would say the best way we can educate people is through encouragement, motivation, communication and building a happy environment. How we could do that? I believe the first step is to educate teachers about these topics, kind of what we do here in our class.Thanks,


      1. Thanks for your thoughtful post Ali. I think as you mentioned, maybe another way to overcome this punitive dissuading educational system (omnipresent to some extent) is to gradually distance ourselves from the current one-size-fits-all sort of curricula and moving towards more flexible, individually crafted kind of programs.

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  3. Thanks for Comment Neda. That’s true. Following the same educational program for all is what we dealing with in our educational systems, which are combined with punish-or-obey actions. As you have suggested, one solution to that is to identify students talents and passion and educate them accordingly with individually crafted programs.


  4. Thank you for your post! It is so important to pay attention the individual differences during education and we should not use the same “mode” to “frame” them. The title of your blog remind a film of a education topic, which is “Not One Less”. I would like to recommend it though it was filmed 20 years ago.

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  5. Thank you fro your comment. Agreed the educational plan should be based on individual differences. Although it seems rather challenging to be achieved.


  6. I agree that our educational system is need of change. But when I think of this change, I think of being fair in the resources for students. This is because some school in certain districts I think are doing extremely well because they are well funded. On the other hand many lack these resources. So when I think of change I think of fairness as one of the main priorities to begin with at least.

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  7. Thanks for your comment Luisa, fairness is important as you well mentioned, each student should have the equal opportunities as everyone else, and it needs a lot of work to get there.


  8. Thanks for the post, Ali. I totally agree with you. The traditional education system is not fair and equal at many points and considers every student as equal. And when they are not the same with others, then the system punish those students. I think this punishment or the climate of fear kills creativity, being themselves and unique, and affect the learning process as well. And this culture of fear also affects most students’ mental health, unfortunately.

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